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Getting Started

The RTC SMART TRIPS trip matching service makes it easy to look for carpool, bicycling, and walking companions for daily, one-time trips and special events.  To begin using the free matching services, click on either the link below or the link in the upper right corner of every page.

Register Here

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to create an account.  You control the personal information that is shown to other travelers, so you know your information is secure. With a click of your mouse you can contact your preferred matches instantly via email to discuss your needs and expectations. You don't have to choose a green transportation option every day to make an important difference. Start out trying it one or to two days a week and go from there. Every shared vehicle trip or bicycling or walking trip benefits both you and our community. For example:

  • Save money
  • Lower stress,
  • Reduce traffic, pollution, and global warming
  • Gain useable time when you ride to read, sleep, work, and talk

If you're new to carpooling, check out Carpool FAQ and Carpool Tips for some helpful information.

Fear being stranded without your car? It's great to carpool or vanpool to work, but what if something unexpected comes up and you need to leave before or after your regular departure time? After registering for the TRIP MATCH program, sign up for our Guaranteed Ride Home program and we'll cover the cost of your taxi ride home.